8bitology API - Property Summary

Property Summary

Below is a list of the currently supported properties.

name: emailaddress
description: A users email address.

name: error
description: An error.

name: aid
description: A apps public id, secretaid can be used in its place.

name: fid
description: A files public id, secretfid can be used in its place.

name: limit
description: A limit of results to fetch.

name: mid
description: A messages public id.

name: name
description: A name.

name: offset
description: An offset of results to fetch from last.

name: rid
description: An achievements public id, secretrid can be used in its place.

name: secretaid
description: A apps secret id.

name: secretfid
description: A files secret id.

name: secretmid
description: A messages secret id.

name: secretrid
description: An achievements secret id.

name: secretuid
description: A users secret id.

name: status
description: Their online status, ie: online, offline, available, away.

name: subject
description: Some text.

name: text
description: Some text.

name: uid
description: A users public id, secretuid can be used in its place.

name: uidcount
description: A count of users.

name: version
description: A version in number format.

name: value
description: An value eg, for an achievement.

name: votes
description: A vote count.